Saturday, 8 October 2016


This is a message for all people around the world:

To answer this question we need to ask some more questions: why there are a storm, hurricane ? Why a storm, hurricane goes directly to that island, country not others ?

Everything happens in this world are the cause and effect.

So what are the causes of all catastrophe, accident, disease, storm, hurricane, flood, earthquake and other natural phenomena ?

They are from actions, speeches and thoughts of human beings.

People have not known that all their actions, speeches and thoughts have been produced and left an invisible force in the space. Those forces look like a magnetic field which cause a large scale of change in pressures at different places around the world. Therefore, due to different pressures at different places, a winds, storms, hurricane, earthquakes,... appear.

So what are those forces ? They are:
  • Killing, hit, hunting, fishing and eating forces from killers, hunter, fisher and eaters.
  • Scaring forces of beings from being killed, hit, hunted and fished.
  • Anger 's forces of beings from being killed, hit, hunted, and fished.
  • Hurting forces from being killed, hit, hunted and fished.
  • Screaming forces from being killed, hit, hunted, eaten and fished.
  • And so on...
    Those forces will return back to all human who had killed, hit, hunted, eaten, fished other beings. Those forces create storm, catastrophe, hurricane, flood, fire,... everywhere in the world.
Let's see what kind of action, speech and thought cause those catastrophes ? They are an evil actions, speeches and thoughts.

Most common actions we can easily see are:
1- Kill, hit, hunt, catch, fire and eat meat of other beings. Not respect life of other beings.
2- Steal something from others, take what is not given you.
3- Sexual misconduct or all kinds of bodily harm

Most commons speeches we can see are:
1- False speech
2- Malicious speech
3- Harsh speech
4- Frivolous talk or gossip
5- Take intoxicating drinks and drugs, marijuana

Most common thought we can see are:
1- Greed
2- Anger
3- Wrong will

Therefore, If people live with good actions, speeches and thoughts then the winds, storms, flood or hurricane will change their course off the places where people live and weaken.

Most common places where often got storms, flood and hurricane are along the coast. Why ? Because at most of that coast, people do not love other beings. They catch fish and other sea animals, they like to go fishing, they like to eat seafood. Those places are Japan, Haiti, east coast of America,and so on...

Tons of fish and sea animals were caught every day. Millions of fish and sea animals died everyday, Millions of invisible evil forces from those fish and sea animals spread out into the space every day. Those fields have accumulated and someday they will return back to human beings by storms, flood and hurricane. That is an effect. when the storm, flood, hurricane came, people died as fish and sea animals.

If people want to stop storm, flood and hurricane, let's love and respect life of all beings, Stop killing, hunting, striking, catching, fire or eating meat of other beings.

Wherever people love and respect life of other beings, the storm, flood and hurricane will not exist. If it exists, it will change the course off those places and become weaken.

Beside storm, flood and hurricane, there are more fire, earthquake, disease around the world appear more and more every day. Those are the cause and effect of human beings, too.

So remember: “ Respect life of other beings is helping save our life”. Do not kill, hunt, catch,fire and eat meat of other beings anymore. Loving all beings is the key of happiness.