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Cách Chèn Phụ Đề Vào Phim Online

Phần trình bày sau mình lấy được từ một youtube tiếng Anh (tại đây)

Cách xem phim có phụ đề bằng cách cho chạy 2 chương trình players song song nhau. Một player là phim online, một player chạy file có phụ đề .srt được tải về từ những trang như (player này trong suốt cho nên có thể kéo để ở dưới khung player phim online.

Chúng ta có thể điểu chỉnh sao cho 2 chường trình chạy đúng thời điểm người đóng phim nói và phần phụ hiện ra bằng cách bấm nút stop or play của 1 trong 2 chương trình trên.

Chương trình chạy phụ đề được tải tại Mediafire hoặc tại đây



There is a link to watch movie with English subtitles online here:

Or you can find different kind of sort with English Subtitle in Youtube :

Such as:

Short movies
5- The American Thanksgiving Story:

2- The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show - Snoopy's Foot :

Long movies
3- The Count of Monte Cristo (2002):

Stories for children:

4- President Barck Obama Speaks at Hankuk University:
6- Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford:
10- Teaching teaching -Understanding understanding:




There is a link to watch movie with English subtitles online here:

Or you can find different kind of sort with English Subtitle in Youtube :

Such as:

Short movies
5- The American Thanksgiving Story:

2- The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show - Snoopy's Foot :

Long movies
3- The Count of Monte Cristo (2002):

Stories for children:

4- President Barck Obama Speaks at Hankuk University:
6- Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford:
10- Teaching teaching -Understanding understanding:




Everything happens in an enviroment is a cause and effect.

In society, people made laws and constitutions to protect human rights or to keep order and priciple in daily life.

But in nature, there are natural laws to protect all beings included human, animal, plants and others. That is a cause and effect law. Everything happens in the nature have their consequences. This law is justice and keep the nature balance. If the nature is unbalance, there would be catastrophes, sickness, diceases, accidents, earthquake, storm, hurrican, volcano, tornado, flood, fire,...

All beings are created equally. No any being above other, no any being has right to kill, destroy or harm others. If that happened, those beings will get their consequencies.

People think they have right to sell, kill, hunt, fishing, eat or cruelty treat other beings. That is wrong. The natural law will punish them back, people will get consequencies from their actions such as natural catastrophes.

Each evil being's action, thought and speech has its consequences. Those evil actions, speeches or thoughts will produce an evil magnetic field in the nature. Those fields are accumulated and become bigger and bigger everyday and cause pressure and temperture changes which lead to natural catastrophes such as sickness, diceases, fire, earthquake, terrorists, war, storm, hurrican, volcano, flood, tornado, accidents,… around the world everyday.. On the contrary, when people do something good, there are good magnetic fields produced in the nature that bring happiness to our daily life.

Everyday, millions of animals such as porks, chickens, fish, crabs, shrims, cows, kangaroos,... are cruelty killed to sell for people to eat. That kind of evil human actions will get their consequences.

In order to stop future natural catastrophes, we need to consider our actions to equally treat other beings. All beings are created equally, no one above other beings. People need to make laws and constitutions to protect all beings, not only human but also all other beings in this world. All beings have life, they have right to live. They have the right to love and be loved. If people still have loving kindness and want a peaceful life, they need to love and protect other beings.

Scientist always try to solve the consequences of natural catastrophes, but why they do not ask themselves what cause those phenomena happened. If we know the cause of those catastrophes, we need to change them rightaway by treating equally to all beings in the nature.


Most of carpet stores install a new carpet and take old carpet for recycle. Those old carpets still in good condition.

Every carpet store has a big container to recycle old carpets, remnant, sample of carpet.

I have a big back yard 5000 square feet. Therefore I often need a large amount of carpet to cover all backyard. I go to a near carpet store and ask whoever is working there about old carpets. They are glad to allow me to take carpets, because anyway those carpet go to recycle.

So if you need carpet, remnants, you just only find a local carpet store and you will got any size carpet to fit your condition.

Hope this small article help you.

For other purpose we can help to reuse old carpets from landfill.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Test about the knowledge.

In order to avoid a wrong (erroneous) knowledge can lead to practice oppressing or repressing the mind and lose time. Monastery will have some regular tests for practitioner until all practitioners completely understand.

1/ “ The mind is unmoveable, peaceful, joyful and not attached”. Explain the meaning of this mind and show your practice when reminding the mind this sentence?

2/ what do you do when having a thought? How many types of the thought?
Give examples and show how to practice with those thoughts?

3/When you have sloth and torpor, what you have to do? Show how to eliminate it and explain how important those methods are (or what purpose to use those methods)?

4/ When sitting as normal person, where is the mind? Tell clearly the state of mind how moveable or peaceful the mind is? How correct the peaceful mind is? How wrong the peaceful mind is? How correct the moveable mind is? How wrong the moveable mind is?

5/How many methods a practitioner must practice in one period of time (For example: 1 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours)?


1/“ A mind is  unmoveable, peaceful, joyful and not attached” is a mind in a state of Nirvana of Buddism, when the mind in this state, there is not any unwholesome objects to act upon. Wanting to keep and protect this Noble truth to reach enlightenment is only to have Auto self suggestion method. When reminding the mind this sentence, the mind must be natural, not oppress or repress, a consciousness also does not attach or cling to this sentences.

2/When the mind have any thought, need to DISTINGUISH that thought. There are 3 types of thought. WHOLESOME thought, UNWHOLESOME thought, and neither WHOLESOME nor UNWHOLESOME thought.
For example: When there is a UNWHOLESOME thought, need to REMIND  the mind to expel it or use a KNOWLEDGE OF THE CAUSE AND EFFECT LAW to completely contemplate or reflect on.

3/When someone has a sloth and torpor, that one need to do WALKING MEDITATION or use a MINDFULNESS IMMERSED IN THE BODY method which means that to remind the mind before acting the body.

4/ When sitting as normal person, the mind is in the FOUR FRAMES OF REFERENCE (the four foundations of mindfulness), then the mind will be PEACEFUL but MOVEABLE.
  • The mind is PEACEFUL, a consciousness can distinguish all objects around, but not attach (cling) to any things is correct.
  • The mind is PEACEFUL, but a consciousness does not have any thoughts is wrong.
  • The mind is MOVEABLE, a consciousness can distinguish all objects around, but not attach (cling) to any things is correct.
  • The mind is MOVEABLE, but a consciousness thinks about all things and attach (cling) to those things is wrong.

5/ There are 4 things to do in the one section period of time:
  • Mindfulness of in-and-out breathing
  • Contemplate or reflect on ending of fermentations
  • Mindfulness immersed in the body.
  • The four foundations of mindfulness

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hatred never cease through hatred in this world;
Through LOVE alone they cease.
This is an eternal law.

Dear Mr President

You can kill thousand of Bin Laden, but a hatred of Taliban and terrorists won't cease. Only LOVE can make them to change their mind and make the world peaceful.

Let use a strategy of LOVE to treat all countries as your friend, do not interfere into their politic or economy. Just stay outside to help them with food and money. No armies, no weapons to any countries.

The peace of world depends on human, not on God. You, Mr President, can make a difference. Just LOVE, and you will see all the world LOVE and REMEMBER you and America.

You will make a peace without any weapons, armies and money. In the result, you will recover American economy in a shorten time.

Good luck

Monday, 21 June 2010


When one sleeps, there is no consciousness. But there are dreams. Why do people have a dream? Because then the imaginative consciousness operated and it made people have the dream.This imaginative consciousness can pass time and space. So if someone whose imaginative consciousness was working, one would see the past and the future, and could see everything are happening far away without any obstacles such as walls, buildings, mountain, etc,.

As we know, there are some people have a psychic abilities to contact to an unknown or metaphysical world which is called life after death. Or some people practice Buddhism such as sitting meditation for long hours, focus on something or any object (breath, abdomen,…), read incatation continously, chanting continously for long hours, etc…Those methods inhibit a normal consciousness and wake up the imaginative conciousness. So they would see any images such as God, Buddha, Mother of Jesus, their relatives; hear any voice or sound which are created by the imaginative conciousness. Therefore, practicioners think that there are a life after death.
Let imagine that a computer has a hard drive that can store or archive a lot of informations, video, pictures, sounds, and so on.
We know that every one has different kind of activities everyday, every moment of life. And those one’s action, speech and thought have copies, like a tree has a shadow. Those copies are stored or archived in a big hard drive that is our space around us.
When one died at 20 years old, his or her copies or shadows were 20 years old and was stored in the space.Psychics have ability to access to that hard drive and take whosever copies or shadows. Their imaginative conciousness can contact to those copies, it can talk to those copies, transform to those copies, get all information about someone, about relatives, friends, everything related to those copies such as where that person died, how to died, know about their friends or enemies and so on.
That is why in my country (Vietnam) psychics can find a death body of some family which has sons who lost in the war. The family members just bring an old picture of their son to psychic. Then psychic uses his or her ability to find a place where the son died. Suppose that the psychic lives in the north, he or she can see and shows the skeleton in the south, what village, where approximately. So the family’s members fly to the south and come to that place, dig the earth and found the skeleton of their son with some things belong to his son such as a soldier’s tag, a ring, and so on.
How we know it is not a life after death, rather just copies of one’s life.Suppose that there was someone who died when he or she was 20 years old. After 50 or 2000 years, the copies are still an image or a video of one’s 20 year old in the space. The psychic person can contact to the copies and see a image of young person 20 years old, not 70 or 2020 years old. The key is here. The copies had been stopped storing when whoever died. That is why we know that there is not a life after death. They are just the copies or the shadows of one’s life.
These psychics have the normal consciousness and the imaginative consciousness be working at the same time. They can switch from one to another when they want to see something.The imaginative conciousness of a psychic can transform psychic to dead person and talk to others by dead person’s voice, answer other’s question about the past and future because the imginative conciousness can pass the time and space.Therefore, metaphysical world is the imaginative world which is created by the aggregate of imagination.


As we know, the world can not exist without any things.

For example: A tree can not live without earth, water, wind, sun light, fertilizer, temperature, hot, cold, moisture,… A human can not live without plants, food. Without them a human were born and can not live. So the world can not exist without plants, human, environment and others.

If there were a life after death, the dead person ‘s world had a private environment for a soul or spitit. They have their food, needs and evreything to suport their life. So we do not need to send them food, fake money, paper car, paper house, paper plane as in Asian culture which uasually did every time they worship the ancestors. If people did it, whether people did a right thing? Is it a ridiculous?

If there were a life after death, the soul or spirit would have a specific form. Because the metaphysical world is a permanent world, so the soul or spirit could not take human form instead of their form. Moreover the human form is impermanent and changes continuosly during one’s life from a child to old age, one life after another life. Every life has different form. So what human ‘s form the soul or spirit need to take?

When the psychic sees a picture of dead person and recognizes his or her soul or spirit. What do you think that was a true? Why? Because when someone died, the soul or spirit of dead person must not have his or her form, it must return to its specific form.

When the psychic saw a dead person’s soul or spirit, psychic saw a dead person ‘s form which is not a form of the soul or spirit of dead person. When someone died, the soul or spirit of dead person must return to its specific form, because the soul or spirit has its permanent form.

In this situation, when a psychic call a soul or spirit, the psychic saw a dead person ‘s form (image) from his or her power of the aggregate of imagination (perception) which created a soul or spirit of dead person. So the psychic can recognize a dead person.

From here, we concluded that if there were a life after death or metaphysical world, the soul or spirit must have its specific form, not a dead person ‘s form (image). If the psychic saw a dead person’s form (image), there is not a life after death.

We will try to explain all these mysteries in order to see it is not a mysteries any more.

Different land, weather, food, and drinking in each local region, or any accident had happened which affect a human brain. Or a brain uneven develops will cause the imaginative consciousness in operation more than a normal person (psychic), or they both can operate at the same time with the same level. Therefore that transform them from a normal person to psychic. Psychic is a person who has a special abilities.

We are people who practice Buddhism, we already had tried to find out the metaphysical world or a life after death in order to see, listen and understand. We know from where all phenomena appeared and we concluded that there is not a metaphysical world, there is just only a power of the imaginative consciousness of each person created, there is not any things left after death. Before, after getting enlightenment Buddha said: The metaphysical world is a world of imaginative understanding.

Is there a metaphysical world? How does it work? How does it affect to human ‘s world? In order to support the soul or spirit world, do we need to send them food, money? Is it a ridiculous? will a soul or spirit die? Or exist foreever?

The answers are:
-There is not any metaphysical world, except two real form and a shadow of human life in this world. The soul or spirit world which each one feels is a power of the imaginative consciousness of each one be symathetic and created. That power was developed by practicing meditation or a shock from their life, that is a case of psychic.

-Because there is not a soul or spirit, so they does not have any private activities or life. By a power of one’s imaginative consciousness, therefore all activities look like the same as human life such as joy, happiness, sadness, anger, desire, expectation, debate, etc. If there were a life after death, there would be an activities which were different from human’s life from food, information, sentiment, expression…

If they affected to human’s life, there would be two cases:

1-Help someone to overcome accident, sickness, etc
2-Destroy human’s life and develop their world.
The above cases are not a justice and against the cause and effect law. Therefore people does not accept it. If people accepted it, the people would bring suffering to themselves, nor others.

The power of one’s imaginative consciousness created the soul or spirit world will have 2 cases:
1-Does not believe it as a life after death, use that power will bring a benefit to society such as find out missing person, or predict accident,..
2-If we believed it has a life after death, that would be a big disaster and bring us accident and sickness. If believe it, human’s life will depend on it, no self control, live without morality.

All people have this ability to see a soul or spirit, listen a sound of a soul or spirit, see the skeleton in the earth as psychic. Just because people have not waken up a power of imaginative consciousness, therefore people could not see or listen as the psychics.

That ability operates due to a group of the imaginative conciousness ’s brain shell. Scientists and doctors just try to do a research in a psychic ’s brain will easily discover.

Because there is not a soul and spirit, so scientist can not use any physical or optical equipment to discover. Leave off the human’s brain, scientists can not find out anything.

So the scientists just need to check a psychic ’s brain, then they can check a magnetic field of shells of imaginative consciousness which correspond with a magnetic field that have been stored in our space such as image, sound, etc. that is a way the scientists can do.

Only one way the scientists can not discover is a power of the imaginative consciousness. That power can transform into million souls or spirits, from every action, speech, gestures of dead person like he or she is living. The soul or spirit was created by psychic, can talk to psychic. Psychic plays a medium role to re-talk to us about everything had happened that only be known by family.

Let’s give some example:

In a dream, we saw our grandparents, parents who died 10 or 20 years ago. At the same time we also saw our sisters and brothers, relatives or neighbors who are living with us. We should not think that a soul or spirit of our sisters, brothers, relatives or neighbors come home together and visit us in the dream. If the soul of who is living come home to visit us, they should be sleeping and have dream. But they actually were not in the dream. So Who are the people we saw in the dream? That is a power of the imaginative consciousness. It can create or transform into a crowd or cars look like the same in Los Angeles. Or it can transform into a capital of california.

A power of imaginative consciousness of normal person in a dream just equal 1% of a power of a psychic ‘s imaginative conciousness . And a power of imaginative consciousness is more than hundreds million times of the power of the psychic ‘s imaginative conciousness. Therefore many people who practice gigong, universal energy, Tibetan, Zen, some Buddhist sects have used this power of the imaginative conciousness.

Everyone has this ability to wake up the imaginative consciousness. Therefore, there are a lots of schools that are teaching this subject. You can search in internet and see that is a true.
The truth is the truth, time and a development of human will prove about what we told.
“The metaphysical world, a life after death, a soul world or spirit world is a world of imaginative understanding”


Sunday, 20 June 2010


Mental Strength 1 & 2

‘Mastery’, Mastery. The question I have is how can we create mastery in any different topic or field or skill? For example, how does someone become a master golfer? I don’t mean Tiger Woods, you know, there can only be one number one golfer in the world, of course. I mean by definition, if you’re number one, there can only be one of you. That maybe requires something very, very special, but I believe that anybody, almost anybody, can become a master golfer.

A master golfer is really any professional golfer. I mean if someone is making money from playing golf, you know, maybe they’re playing in the PGA Tour or even some other tours around the world, that’s a master golfer. They’re world-class golfers. They’re better than 99.9% of golfers in the world. Those are master golfers. So how do those people become masters at golf?

Or, we can look at another sport let’s say football or soccer. We say soccer in America, football everywhere else. In football or soccer how does someone become a master at soccer, you know, someone who can play at a professional level, for example?

Or let’s think of something besides sports. What about music? How does someone become a master guitar player, a master piano player? Or, of course, we can think of our topic which is language.

The first question, how did you become a master of your own language? How did I become a master of English when I was a baby, when I was a small child? And how do we become masters of a foreign language, for you, English as a foreign language? So it’s an interesting question. You know, I know a lot about language teaching and language learning, but recently I have been interested in this more general topic of mastery. Because as I’ve been reading more and more about mastery, I realize that, of course, each of these areas is different – soccer, football, baseball, music, piano, guitar, learning languages – that there are specific things you must do in each of these areas.

However, what I’ve also begun to learn is that there are some general strategies of learning and practice that produce mastery and it doesn’t matter, it works for any skill, any topic. So I began to see that, in fact, our brains have certain ways for learning that work better. Our brains prefer to learn in certain ways. We learn faster, we gain skill faster and better when we practice in a certain way, when we learn in a certain way, and we go more slowly if we try other ways.

So this is always the question I have for anything is how can we get better results faster and enjoy it more? This is the question I always have when I’m teaching you. As a teacher I’m thinking, how can I help you, especially my VIPs, learn more English, learn it faster, learn it more deeply, remember it longer, use it better and enjoy the process more.

That’s always my goal, so that’s why I’ve been reading, reading, reading like crazy. On this trip, reading all these books about brain science, for example, all these studies and all these scientists who are studying our brains and how our brains work; how our brains create connections and when we learn something new what’s happening in our brain, what’s happening in our nervous system.

When we know what’s happening, we know how all of this works, then we can look at, okay, how can we learn and practice in a way that helps our brain create connections better and faster so that we learn faster, we learn better and we, eventually, perform better.

Very interesting subject, very interesting topic and let me tell you what I’ve learned because I’ve learned some very interesting things that will, hopefully, help you improve the way you are learning with Effortless English.

Now, number one, the number one strategy I have found and it works for any topic is that we must practice deeply with CANEI. That’s that Tony Robbins word again. CANEI means constant and never-ending improvement. So let me talk about how we practice is very important.

You know in my email course I talk about deep learning. You know, it’s one of our rules, one of our seven rules, deep learning. And in that email and the video that goes with the email, mostly I’m talking about repetition, right? I say learn a smaller amount of stuff – English, for example – but learn it very deeply. Repeat it a lot until you know it completely, until you understand it 100%.

So in that email, I’m really emphasizing repetition, repetition and, guess what? Of course that’s important. It’s important for any skill. If you’re learning to play golf, guess what? You have to practice that golf swing again and again and again. You have to repeat that golf swing many, many times.

If you’re practicing tennis, you have to practice your basic tennis strokes and swings again and again and again and again. You repeat it thousands and tens of thousands of times. Any master tennis player has done this.

And, so, with language, we must hear the most important, most common, words and phrases and grammar and pronunciation again and again and again and again, thousands and tens of thousands of times. And, of course, in the Seven Rules Course, I tell you that one of the weaknesses of schools is not enough repetition.

They go too fast. You learn the past tense a little bit, you learn it, but then in a couple months later they change and then they’re focusing on the future or then they’re focusing on the present perfect and you did not get  enough repetition with the past tense. The past tense is important; it’s probably the most common tense that we use in normal English conversation.

So repetition, I really emphasize repetition a lot, all of you already know this, but I want to emphasize something else about deep practice, because repetition, just repetition is not enough and I realized, after learning and doing this research the last few months, I’ve realized that I missed something -- that I need to emphasize something else besides just a lot of repetition. Because just repeating again and again and again it’s great, but you have to have a couple other things if you really want to learn quickly and to really master English.

Here’s one of the important points. It’s not just repeating a lot, it’s how you repeat that is very important. When I talk about learn deeply or deep practice, the quality of the practice is also important. It’s not just the quantity, it’s not just how many time you repeat it, repeat something 30 times, repeat something 100 times, that’s great, but it’s only great if you do it with total attention, total focus, total concentration and good energy. This is something I’ve learned from all of these studies of mastery.

They looked at how people practice; let’s say golf, for example. Let’s talk about something similar, golf. Well, some people do repeat their golf swing a lot, but there are a lot of mediocre golf players. They do their golf swing again and again and again and again every day, maybe they swing it 100 times and they go out and they practice it a lot, but here’s the difference between them and a master like Tiger Woods or Ernie Els or someone like that.

The mediocre player is not focusing totally every time. A lot of times the mediocre player, while they’re repeating, they’re not really paying attention carefully. They’re just doing the same thing again and again and again, but, you know, maybe their mind is thinking about something else or maybe they’re trying to hurry.  They’re thinking okay, today I must swing 200 times and they’re in a hurry to finish, right?

Maybe you’ve had this with English sometimes. You think okay, today I must study English one hour or every day I will listen to English one hour and you do it almost every day, but the problem is when you’re doing it you’re kind of hurrying. You’re looking at the clock. You know, oh, 30 minutes, only 30 minutes more. Okay, only 15 more minutes. So your mind is not totally focused and totally there, in the moment, listening very deeply, focusing all of your attention, right?

I know you’ve done this, because I’ve done it too. I’ve done it with music. I’ve done it with singing and base. I’ve done it when I’ve practiced many other things. Sometimes I’m totally focused and other times I’m not. Well, guess what? What the research shows, the brain science shows, is this. When we’re totally focused on something when we’re practicing, our brain makes a lot of new connections. The nerves actually make more connections with each other.

Also, something else happens, there’s something called myelin. What is that? Myelin is something that wraps around nerve fibers, nerve cells, and whenever you are doing a new skill it will wrap around the nerves that you use to make that skill. If it’s a language it wraps around the nerves in your brain and body for understanding and using the language. If it’s a sport then it wraps around different nerve connections. What is does is when it wraps around these nerve connections it’s like insulation and it helps the nerve impulses, the signals, travel faster and more efficiently. Now you don’t need to know all of this, it’s not so important, but what you need to know is that it happens much more when you are really focused and concentrating. More connections happen, more insulation happens and what that means is you learn faster, you remember it longer or forever and, eventually, you can use it much better.

If you’re not focusing…see, some people have this dream that they will play their Effort English lessons in the background while they’re cleaning the house, while they’re watching TV, while they’re talking on the phone or the perfect dream that all of you have and I know you do is that you’ll play it while you’re sleeping and  somehow it will all be absorbed. Maybe you’ve looked and found some little study on the Internet that says oh you can learn while you sleep. Well you might be able to get a little bit that way, but let me tell you the hard truth. The hard truth is uh-ah. That is not a very good way to learn. When you’re distracted, when you’re trying to pay attention to two things at the same time, the research shows that you’re not learning either thing very well and it all just goes into short-term memory. So if you’re talking on the phone and you’re hearing  your Effortless English a little bit or you’re cleaning the house while you kind of listen to the lessons, but not very well, with not a lot of focus, you’re getting some of this, you’re remembering it, you’re hearing it, you’re understanding it, but it’s only going into your short-term memory.

This is a problem, it’s only short term. That means, guess what? That long term you don’t remember it. It means it gets forgotten quickly. It doesn’t become a permanent connection in your brain. To create the  permanent connections, the long-term connections, those deep connections so that you remember forever and you can use it and master it, you must be totally focused, totally concentrated. That means the best way to listen to your Effortless English lessons is to have your iPod on or playing it in your computer and that’s all you are doing.

Now I do recommend you can do it while you walk. You could go outside with an iPod and that’s fine,  because walking doesn’t require a lot, a lot, a lot of concentration. You can still be focusing your mind totally on what you’re listening to as you walk and the walking will give you a little bit of energy, so that’s quite nice.

In fact, walking may give you more concentration because by walking you’re going to have more physical energy and that will help you have more concentration, more focus. So by walking as you listen, you can probably concentrate for a longer period of time and that is very important. Here’s what the research also shows. Twenty minutes of total concentration is better than one hour of distracted, half concentration. So it’s not just about the amount of time, it’s about the amount of concentrated, focused time.

So some of you, I know you get focused on how much time you’re listening to English. That’s great, but you also need to focus on the quality of that listening and to realize that just listening for four hours a day is not very helpful if you’re not really focused and concentrating while you do it; in fact, not only while you do it, but the entire time you’re doing it.

The moment your concentration goes away, the moment your focus drops down a little bit, you’re no longer getting long-term memory. It’s just going to short-term memory and it’s really wasting your time. So what I want you to do this month, especially, is to really focus on how you are listening to English and practicing English -- how you’re doing it and to focus on the quality of your focus, the quality of your concentration.

So it’s not just the amount of time, but it’s how well you are using that time. Don’t try to be doing something else with your focus or your mind. Do not be trying to clean the house while you listen. It’s not really that helpful, to be honest. It’s better to sit down for 10 minutes and really focus than to be listening to an hour while you’re doing something else. You won’t get the same benefit if you’re distracted, okay? So this is very, very important.

Now I know this is tough because, guess what? We now live in a culture which goes against mastery, which goes against concentration and focus. I mean we’ve all seen this, especially with children. I see this with my little young cousins, for example. That they’ve grown up with television and Internet and all this stuff.  Everything is always changing-changing-changing all the time and these kids have a very tough time focusing and concentrating for a long period of time.

You know I find it’s true even with adults now. A lot of adults I have, a lot of friends I have, they can’t focus and concentrate for a very long period of time, certainly not as long as I can and it drives me crazy  sometimes. I’ve noticed now that it’s hard to have conversations with a lot of people because they’re always distracted, you know?  I want to sit down and focus on a topic and talk about it and I can do this. When I’m focused on a topic I can talk about it for hours and hours, right? Thinking about something, talking about it, thinking of all the different ideas and really looking at it and focusing on it in a deep way, but I find that a lot of people cannot do this and after 10 minutes or 20 minutes they’re looking at their iPhone and doing text  messages or they’re looking away or they’re changing the topic or they just can’t focus so much. This is a result of television and Internet, to a degree, but it’s just kind of our whole world culture now. It’s all about distraction. It’s about everything very fast and easy, fast and easy, fast and easy and always, you know, don’t want to focus, always something changing. Oh, I’m doing a text message on my thing, now I’m talking on the phone. Now I’m looking at this, now I’m talking to someone. It’s just like everyone’s attention is going everywhere all at the same time and nobody is really focusing deeply on something for a long period of time.

And, so, when I talk about this topic of deeply focusing and concentrating for a long period of time, longer and longer periods of time, people are kind of like oh A.J., that’s difficult. It’s boring. It’s tough. Well, it’s not. You know, actually, I find it’s very relaxing, there’s something great about it. You know, it’s almost like a kind of meditation when you do it, but it’s something that you must practice and you build it step by step. So if you do have trouble concentrating for a long time, if you try to focus and after five minutes oh, your mind is going everywhere and you feel really tired or you start getting sleepy or you get bored, you know, don’t say I can’t do it. Just realize that right now you’re brain is not trained for concentrating and focusing very much because you haven’t been practicing it, so you just gotta’ practice it.

So maybe today it’s only five minutes and maybe this week it’s only five minutes. Well, remember constant and never-ending improvement, right? All you need to do is say okay, I need to improve this. I’m going to practice it. Next week I’ll try to focus for 10 minutes. Total concentration, total focus for 10 minutes on English or whatever it is you’re trying to practice and you do that until 10 minutes is easy.

And then, of course, what do you do? You increase it again to 15 minutes and then to 20 and then to 30. You keep doing this and, actually, in a few months you’ll find that you can concentrate for one hour and it’s not a problem and, in fact, you’ll find that you enjoy it more and more.

In the beginning it might feel boring, you might feel sleepy. That’s your brain just being lazy because you haven’t been practicing this, but if you keep focusing on it, you keep trying, you keep going a little longer, a little longer, eventually your brain gets stronger. It’s kind of like a muscle and you are able to concentrate more. You can go deeply. You can remember things more deeply. You can concentrate better and then you’ll begin to love this deep practice. Then you’ll be able to repeat a lot and you’ll be able to do it with total focus and concentration.

Those are the two magic things about deep practice. You must have both. You must have both. You must focus totally, with total concentration and, of course, you must do it in a repetitive way so that you’re doing the same thing again and again and again, many times, with total concentration. So you need to do this, again, total concentration and very repetitive.

Now this a common problem and question and I’m going to say it again and again because I see this  comment on our forums all the time. I see it in the VIP social site. Students ask me about this all the time. The thing that always happens is people say yes, A.J., but I start to feel tired. I get sleepy when I’m listening to something, you know, in English, especially if I’m listening to it many times. I get tired and sleepy or bored when I’m trying to focus a lot on something.

This is a problem, but you know what? You need to think of your brain like your body, because we also need to make our brains stronger. Like I said, we live in cultures now, in a society that makes our brains kind of weak and lazy. You know everything is always changing really fast and we don’t have to focus so much anymore and that’s not good. It’s the same thing that’s happening to us physically in our societies, because now we’re seeing more and more and more people in countries everywhere in the world getting fatter and lazier, fatter and lazier. Everything’s too easy, you know? We just sit around on our butts all day in chairs, working on computers maybe or when we go to work we’re always driving in cars or sitting in trains or sitting in buses.

A lot of people don’t walk very much anymore and they certainly don’t do heavy, difficult lifting, you know, and hard physical work like we used to in the past. You know just 100 years ago, most people were farmers and they were doing a lot of hard physical work. Of course if you go back thousands of years, as humans evolved, as our species evolved, we were hunting and gathering and we were doing very physical things all the time, so our bodies were more healthy and stronger, but now in our societies people are becoming very kind of soft and lazy physically.

And, so, the same thing happens physically, right? I see this. I see this with my mom, for example, who’s trying to lose weight, but she doesn’t like to exercise and she complains oh, I don’t want walk too much. Oh, I feel tired when I walk a lot or, you know, my knees hurt when I walk a lot.

So it’s exactly the same kind of phenomenon or situation, which is if you don’t use your body enough it becomes tired and lazy and then, if try to use it again after that, you feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes you feel some pain, but often you just feel really tired very quickly. Tired and ah and uncomfortable and ah, you know, walking too much doesn’t feel good or having to do hard physical work oh, my God, I don’t want to do it, right?

You see this. I know you know people like this. Maybe you are a person who’s like this. I’ve had periods in my life like this. In fact, just recently I feel like I haven’t been working hard enough physically and I know I need to get out there and exercise. I need to lift some weights. I need to do something hard and challenging so that my body doesn’t become weaker and weaker.

This happens as we get older. We think its age that’s causing it. Oh, well, I’m 40 now, I’m 50 now, I’m 60 now, that’s why I’m weak. Bullshit! That’s not why you’re weak. The reason you’re weak is because you haven’t been using your body very much for 10-20-30 years. You haven’t been challenging your body for 10-20-30 years. You haven’t been using a lot of physical energy and doing things that are difficult for 10-20 or 30 years.That’s why you get weak. That’s why you start getting sick more and more. That’s why you feel more tired more easily. That’s why you’re energy drops and drops and drops as you get older. It’s not the number, it’s not the age, it’s not the years it’s neglecting your body. What does this have to do with English learning? Well, it’s the same thing with our brains, because this happens with our brains. People stop challenging their brains as they get older.

When we’re young we’re learning, learning, learning, all the time. We’re in school. We’re constantly being challenged with new things, more difficult things. After you learn to add and subtract in Math class, you don’t stop, next you learn to multiply and divide. Then they make you take Algebra classes and Trigonometry classes and Geometry classes and if you keep going they make you take Calculus and more advanced Geometry. You’re constantly being pushed to do something a little more difficult, a little more difficult, and a little more difficult.

So when we’re younger, in elementary school, middle school, high school, university, grad school, we’re constantly being physically and mentally challenged, especially mentally in school. Therefore, at that age, our brains are learning and growing and they’re not so tired, ah and we kind of have to concentrate more,  especially in the past. You know kids are getting lazier now too, unfortunately, but what happens, though, then we get in our 20’s and maybe we start a new job and, again, that’s a lot of learning. There’s a learning process that’s happening. We’re being challenged a lot, but what happens with a lot of people is they get comfortable. They eventually get into some career or some job or some situation where it’s familiar and after a few years they feel very confident and comfortable and they know it very well.

They feel confident and that’s great, but what happens is you get a little too comfortable and then you just stop challenging yourself so much. It’s not as intense as it was when you were younger and, you know, you don’t notice this very much when it’s just a few years, but after five years, eight years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years of being a little too comfortable, the brain also gets weaker and weaker and weaker.

Your memory will start to go down a little bit, a little bit, a little bit, each year if you’re not using it and  challenging it. Your ability to concentrate and focus will get less and less, just a little bit. You don’t notice it so much. In one month you won’t notice it, in six months you might not notice it, but after a year, five years, 10 years, it definitely starts going down and then, as people get older in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, they start complaining. Oh, I’m forgetting things a lot. Sometimes even younger people say oh, I can’t concentrate too much, I get tired. I get sleepy if I focus on English too much, if I concentrate too much.

Well that is a bad sign. That’s like being fat. Your brain has become fat and lazy and you gotta’ train it, right? You don’t want to be a 60-year-old person getting Alzheimer’s disease. I know you don’t. I know you don’t even want to be a 30-year-old person feeling tired and uncomfortable and just a little bit lazy and you don’t want to focus and oh, it’s too much, I’ll do it tomorrow. You don’t want to be one of those people physically and you don’t want to be one of those people mentally and so you gotta’ workout mentally also.

That’s really what this topic is about today, it’s about pushing yourself mentally, especially with your concentration, your attention and it’s so, so important. So, like I said, just to wrap up, to finish here. To wrap up means to finish something, so I’m going to wrap this up now. I’m going to finish this topic and just give you the main point and the main point is this. The quality of your practice, the quality of your study, is just as important, probably more important, than the quantity.

So it’s not just the number of minutes and the number of hours that you are listening to English or studying, that is important, of course it’s important and of course more is better, but it’s also the quality, it’s how focused are you. How much concentration do you have? How long can you concentrate without being distracted?

However long that is, I want you to push it longer. So I want you to train your mind the way you would train your body. So if you can concentrate for 15 minutes deeply with total attention that’s great, but I want you to start pushing yourself to go 16 minutes, 18 minutes, 20 minutes.

If you have great concentration, if you can concentrate for one full hour and you can be totally concentrated and focused and really listening carefully or remembering carefully that’s great, but you know what? If you just stop there your brain will start to get a little lazy again, so I want you to push it a little more. Try to do an hour and 10 minutes. Try to do an hour and 15 minutes. Try to do an hour and a half.

Keep pushing yourself a little bit, so you’re a little bit uncomfortable, it’s a little bit difficult and if you notice yourself getting sleepy ah or you start feeling bored, don’t get upset about that. Just realize that’s your brain getting a little tired. It’s a sign of a lazy brain, okay? And that’s fine. Just try to push yourself a little bit farther, not a lot, a little bit. Remember, this is constant and never-ending improvement. Little improvement, little improvement, constantly, that’s the secret to mastery.

So if you can only concentrate for 15 minutes and then you get tired and then you get sleepy and then you get bored, don’t try to do two hours next day, you know, that’s too much. It’s too much of an increase. Just try to do 20-25 minutes the next day, maybe for the next week and when that becomes possible then try to push yourself to 40 minutes with really intense focus and concentration and just keep extending that time longer and longer.

This is so good for your mental health. Yes, it will help your English ability, but there are also a lot of studies that I’ve been reading about, about aging in our brain and what happens when we get older and by doing this, what I’m suggesting, by pushing yourself and really practicing concentration and focus, you’re also keeping your brain in top shape. It’s like good fitness and health for your brain so that as you get older you will not lose your memory, you will also be preventing Alzheimer’s when you get much older and you will prevent all the other problems that happen as people get older with their brains, you know? They have trouble remembering words or their balance isn’t as good. All of these things are signs of an aging brain, but all that means is that somebody has let their brain get a little bit too lazy and fat. Not really fat, but it’s kind of like being fat in your head. So this is good for your mental health. It will help all parts of your life.

By doing this with your English ability, you’ll start to notice that your general memory will improve for all subjects in all areas. You’ll notice that you think faster. You’ll notice that you’re able to learn anything better and faster, not just English. It will help you in your job. It will help you in your social life. It will help you in all parts of your life where you need to use your brain.

So, what are you going to do this month? You’re going to focus on focusing. You’re going to concentrate on concentrating. You’re going to try to push yourself a little bit, a little bit, to train your brain to focus more deeply and for a longer period of time and each week you’re gonna’ try to concentrate a little bit longer, a little bit longer, each time you listen to English, okay? Brain training this month.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this topic. I’ll talk a little bit more about it in my extra commentary for you. So have a great day. Have a great month. Thank you my VIP. You know you’re special because you’re a VIP. I’m happy to be back in San Francisco where I have very fast Internet, so I’ll be giving you some bonuses coming soon.  All right, thank you my special VIP member. See you on the VIP social site. Have a great day, a great week and a great month. See you again soon, bye-bye. or here

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Do you believe that there is no GHOST?
I know that is a big question, but I am sure to confirm that:

If someone believes that there is a ghost, that one will see it.
If someone still suspects that there might be a ghost or not, that one will see it.
If someone does not believe that there is not a ghost, that person has will never seen a ghost.

Because when you believe or suspect, you already have programmed into your brain there is a ghost. Then the brain will create a ghost’s image, sound, smell, taste and you will see it by your real eyes, listen ghost’s voice by your real ears, smell ghost’scent by your nose, … The human brain can easily trick ourself, and nobody knows about it. All people in this world, even scientist have been tricked and cheated by their brain.

Because of not believing and scaring about the existing of ghost, I have never seen any ghost. So my brain could not create any ghost in front of my eyes.
Briefly speaking, there is not any ghost or any existing invisible world. Human brain is a complex and smart system which can trick and cheat people, therefore, science have proved any thing about ghost and invisible world.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This is a part of Mulapariyaya Sutta - The Root Sequence

"The Blessed One said: "There is the case, monks, where an uninstructed run-of-the-mill person -- who has no regard for noble ones, is not well-versed or disciplined in their Dhamma; who has no regard for men of integrity, is not well-versed or disciplined in their Dhamma -- perceives earth as earth. Perceiving earth as earth, he conceives [things] about earth, he conceives [things] in earth, he conceives [things] coming out of earth, he conceives earth as 'mine,' he delights in earth. Why is that? Because he has not comprehended it, I tell you.

"He perceives water as as fire...wind as wind[1]...beings as beings...gods as gods...Pajapati as Pajapati...Brahma as Brahma...the luminous gods as luminous gods...the gods of refulgent glory as gods of refulgent glory...the gods of abundant fruit as the gods of abundant fruit...the Great Being as the Great Being[2]...the sphere of the infinitude of space as the sphere of the infinitude of space...the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness as the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness...the sphere of nothingness as the sphere of nothingness...the sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception as the sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception[3]...the seen as the seen...the heard as the heard...the sensed as the sensed...the cognized as the cognized[4]...singleness as singleness...multiplicity as multiplicity[5]...the All as the All[6]...

"He perceives Unbinding as Unbinding.[7] Perceiving Unbinding as Unbinding, he conceives things about Unbinding, he conceives things in Unbinding, he conceives things coming out of Unbinding, he conceives Unbinding as 'mine,' he delights in Unbinding. Why is that? Because he has not comprehended it, I tell you. "

If someone had read an Original Buddhist teaching, one would see Buddha already said about the aggregate of imagination. "There is nothing, all phenomena are imaginative understanding. Who imagines that there are ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death, there would be ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death..." That means the human imaginative consciousness can create or make all images, sounds, smells, tastes, knowledge, etc, and everything from people’s desire, like, want, expect,belief, scare and imagine about. So human have been lied or tricked by each one’s imaginative consciousness. The human imaginative consciousness is a smart thing and it knows clearly about each one's desire and relations. You can call that imaginative consciousness is a "trick consciousness"

According to Buddhist teaching, a human is a combination of five aggregates: Material form (body), Feeling, Imagination (perception), Act and consciousness.

The aggregate of imagination (perception) is not an imagination. It is not a material. How does it work?

We can recognize it by three types: unwholesome thought, wholesome thought and no thought. Some consider that no-thought is Buddha nature. But the aggregate of imagination is one of five aggregates, when someone died, all aggregates died too. Nothing is left neither soul nor Buddha nature.

Buddha always reminded us: “Nothing is mine, nothing is me, nothing is my self.”
“Nothing is mine, nothing is me” is easy understand. The mind, the body is not mine, is not me. What about “Nothing is my self”? Buddha wanted to point out no Buddha-nature, no spirit nor soul”

The aggregate of consciousness has three consciousnesses. The normal consciousness as we live with it everyday. The second is imaginative consciousness when the aggregate of imagination is woken up. The third one is a mindfull consciousness which will appear when someone eliminated all desires and got enlightenment.

All paranormal, supernatural, psychical phenomena have been created by the aggregate of imagination (perception) which can do everything look like real, even the camera, recorder can catch it. Therefore sciencetists have thought that there is a life after death or metaphysical world. It kknows what people have believed, scared and wanted, so it has done everything. That is beyond the knowledge of human.

The powers of the aggregate of the imagination (perception) are unlimited, miracle, magical and powerful. That is a human's abilities which sciencetists have not discovered. Time will prove everything.

Everyone has this ability to wake up the imaginative consciousness. Therefore, there are a lots of schools that are teaching this subject. You can search in internet and see that is a true.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Nirvana is a state of a mind which every one can feel it. It is real and simple. Buddha always said something real, simple and understanding, not abstracted.

Because no anyone has not eliminated desires and unwholesome deeds yet, therefore nobody know what it is.

After eliminating all desires and unwholesome deeds, a mind naturally becomes unmoveable, peaceful, joyful, and not attached. That is the state of Nirvana.

We do not need to chant, read incantation, sit meditation. just eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds. Very easy, simple and understanding.


Friday, 11 June 2010


In the topic “All Human Have Been Tricked”. I explained that ghost has never existed in the real world. They exist in the imaginative world which was created by each one’s aggregate of imagination.

If someone tell me that they saw a ghost which flying or to do something scared him or her. I will believe them, because I knew they had seen the ghost by their eyes, heard a ghost’s voice by their ears, or the ghost chased them everywhere in the house to the back yard and so on. Those people are not liars.

I believed that they told the real story. But I understood that the aggregate of imagination of those people had operated and created image of ghost, voice of ghost, etc.

When the aggregate of imagination operated, it has an imaginative eyes, imaginative ears, imaginative nose, imaginative tongue. So those people could see the image of ghost by their eyes, heard the voice of ghost by their ears. By that time, no one else saw the ghost except those people, because the real ghost never existed, the ghost exists with the people who have the aggregate of imagination in operation.

If we know those people who saw the ghost, we just explain them that their aggregate of imagination operated. In order to return to normal life, just live a normal life, do exercise by walking in the park more than half and hours, to do something by their hands such as painting the house, repair a car or to do something they like. Do not sit in the room alone, that person need to live outside in the social environment.

Gradually, that phenomena will disappear, that person will return to normal consciousness, the imaginative consciousness will weak and disappear.

Whenever that phenomena returns, using the Auto-self suggestion method to remind the mind that, “those images of ghost are imagination, not real, go away”. Just confidently believe the ghost is not real, does not exist, it will go away and disappear.

Notice that, normal person lives with a normal consciousness, when one slept, there are no normal consciousness, then the imaginative consciousness operates to make a dream. With who had seen a ghost, two consciousness (normal and imaginative) operated at the same time. Our goal is to help those people to return to normal life, eliminating the imaginative consciousness.

Good luck