Monday, 21 June 2010


When one sleeps, there is no consciousness. But there are dreams. Why do people have a dream? Because then the imaginative consciousness operated and it made people have the dream.This imaginative consciousness can pass time and space. So if someone whose imaginative consciousness was working, one would see the past and the future, and could see everything are happening far away without any obstacles such as walls, buildings, mountain, etc,.

As we know, there are some people have a psychic abilities to contact to an unknown or metaphysical world which is called life after death. Or some people practice Buddhism such as sitting meditation for long hours, focus on something or any object (breath, abdomen,…), read incatation continously, chanting continously for long hours, etc…Those methods inhibit a normal consciousness and wake up the imaginative conciousness. So they would see any images such as God, Buddha, Mother of Jesus, their relatives; hear any voice or sound which are created by the imaginative conciousness. Therefore, practicioners think that there are a life after death.
Let imagine that a computer has a hard drive that can store or archive a lot of informations, video, pictures, sounds, and so on.
We know that every one has different kind of activities everyday, every moment of life. And those one’s action, speech and thought have copies, like a tree has a shadow. Those copies are stored or archived in a big hard drive that is our space around us.
When one died at 20 years old, his or her copies or shadows were 20 years old and was stored in the space.Psychics have ability to access to that hard drive and take whosever copies or shadows. Their imaginative conciousness can contact to those copies, it can talk to those copies, transform to those copies, get all information about someone, about relatives, friends, everything related to those copies such as where that person died, how to died, know about their friends or enemies and so on.
That is why in my country (Vietnam) psychics can find a death body of some family which has sons who lost in the war. The family members just bring an old picture of their son to psychic. Then psychic uses his or her ability to find a place where the son died. Suppose that the psychic lives in the north, he or she can see and shows the skeleton in the south, what village, where approximately. So the family’s members fly to the south and come to that place, dig the earth and found the skeleton of their son with some things belong to his son such as a soldier’s tag, a ring, and so on.
How we know it is not a life after death, rather just copies of one’s life.Suppose that there was someone who died when he or she was 20 years old. After 50 or 2000 years, the copies are still an image or a video of one’s 20 year old in the space. The psychic person can contact to the copies and see a image of young person 20 years old, not 70 or 2020 years old. The key is here. The copies had been stopped storing when whoever died. That is why we know that there is not a life after death. They are just the copies or the shadows of one’s life.
These psychics have the normal consciousness and the imaginative consciousness be working at the same time. They can switch from one to another when they want to see something.The imaginative conciousness of a psychic can transform psychic to dead person and talk to others by dead person’s voice, answer other’s question about the past and future because the imginative conciousness can pass the time and space.Therefore, metaphysical world is the imaginative world which is created by the aggregate of imagination.


As we know, the world can not exist without any things.

For example: A tree can not live without earth, water, wind, sun light, fertilizer, temperature, hot, cold, moisture,… A human can not live without plants, food. Without them a human were born and can not live. So the world can not exist without plants, human, environment and others.

If there were a life after death, the dead person ‘s world had a private environment for a soul or spitit. They have their food, needs and evreything to suport their life. So we do not need to send them food, fake money, paper car, paper house, paper plane as in Asian culture which uasually did every time they worship the ancestors. If people did it, whether people did a right thing? Is it a ridiculous?

If there were a life after death, the soul or spirit would have a specific form. Because the metaphysical world is a permanent world, so the soul or spirit could not take human form instead of their form. Moreover the human form is impermanent and changes continuosly during one’s life from a child to old age, one life after another life. Every life has different form. So what human ‘s form the soul or spirit need to take?

When the psychic sees a picture of dead person and recognizes his or her soul or spirit. What do you think that was a true? Why? Because when someone died, the soul or spirit of dead person must not have his or her form, it must return to its specific form.

When the psychic saw a dead person’s soul or spirit, psychic saw a dead person ‘s form which is not a form of the soul or spirit of dead person. When someone died, the soul or spirit of dead person must return to its specific form, because the soul or spirit has its permanent form.

In this situation, when a psychic call a soul or spirit, the psychic saw a dead person ‘s form (image) from his or her power of the aggregate of imagination (perception) which created a soul or spirit of dead person. So the psychic can recognize a dead person.

From here, we concluded that if there were a life after death or metaphysical world, the soul or spirit must have its specific form, not a dead person ‘s form (image). If the psychic saw a dead person’s form (image), there is not a life after death.

We will try to explain all these mysteries in order to see it is not a mysteries any more.

Different land, weather, food, and drinking in each local region, or any accident had happened which affect a human brain. Or a brain uneven develops will cause the imaginative consciousness in operation more than a normal person (psychic), or they both can operate at the same time with the same level. Therefore that transform them from a normal person to psychic. Psychic is a person who has a special abilities.

We are people who practice Buddhism, we already had tried to find out the metaphysical world or a life after death in order to see, listen and understand. We know from where all phenomena appeared and we concluded that there is not a metaphysical world, there is just only a power of the imaginative consciousness of each person created, there is not any things left after death. Before, after getting enlightenment Buddha said: The metaphysical world is a world of imaginative understanding.

Is there a metaphysical world? How does it work? How does it affect to human ‘s world? In order to support the soul or spirit world, do we need to send them food, money? Is it a ridiculous? will a soul or spirit die? Or exist foreever?

The answers are:
-There is not any metaphysical world, except two real form and a shadow of human life in this world. The soul or spirit world which each one feels is a power of the imaginative consciousness of each one be symathetic and created. That power was developed by practicing meditation or a shock from their life, that is a case of psychic.

-Because there is not a soul or spirit, so they does not have any private activities or life. By a power of one’s imaginative consciousness, therefore all activities look like the same as human life such as joy, happiness, sadness, anger, desire, expectation, debate, etc. If there were a life after death, there would be an activities which were different from human’s life from food, information, sentiment, expression…

If they affected to human’s life, there would be two cases:

1-Help someone to overcome accident, sickness, etc
2-Destroy human’s life and develop their world.
The above cases are not a justice and against the cause and effect law. Therefore people does not accept it. If people accepted it, the people would bring suffering to themselves, nor others.

The power of one’s imaginative consciousness created the soul or spirit world will have 2 cases:
1-Does not believe it as a life after death, use that power will bring a benefit to society such as find out missing person, or predict accident,..
2-If we believed it has a life after death, that would be a big disaster and bring us accident and sickness. If believe it, human’s life will depend on it, no self control, live without morality.

All people have this ability to see a soul or spirit, listen a sound of a soul or spirit, see the skeleton in the earth as psychic. Just because people have not waken up a power of imaginative consciousness, therefore people could not see or listen as the psychics.

That ability operates due to a group of the imaginative conciousness ’s brain shell. Scientists and doctors just try to do a research in a psychic ’s brain will easily discover.

Because there is not a soul and spirit, so scientist can not use any physical or optical equipment to discover. Leave off the human’s brain, scientists can not find out anything.

So the scientists just need to check a psychic ’s brain, then they can check a magnetic field of shells of imaginative consciousness which correspond with a magnetic field that have been stored in our space such as image, sound, etc. that is a way the scientists can do.

Only one way the scientists can not discover is a power of the imaginative consciousness. That power can transform into million souls or spirits, from every action, speech, gestures of dead person like he or she is living. The soul or spirit was created by psychic, can talk to psychic. Psychic plays a medium role to re-talk to us about everything had happened that only be known by family.

Let’s give some example:

In a dream, we saw our grandparents, parents who died 10 or 20 years ago. At the same time we also saw our sisters and brothers, relatives or neighbors who are living with us. We should not think that a soul or spirit of our sisters, brothers, relatives or neighbors come home together and visit us in the dream. If the soul of who is living come home to visit us, they should be sleeping and have dream. But they actually were not in the dream. So Who are the people we saw in the dream? That is a power of the imaginative consciousness. It can create or transform into a crowd or cars look like the same in Los Angeles. Or it can transform into a capital of california.

A power of imaginative consciousness of normal person in a dream just equal 1% of a power of a psychic ‘s imaginative conciousness . And a power of imaginative consciousness is more than hundreds million times of the power of the psychic ‘s imaginative conciousness. Therefore many people who practice gigong, universal energy, Tibetan, Zen, some Buddhist sects have used this power of the imaginative conciousness.

Everyone has this ability to wake up the imaginative consciousness. Therefore, there are a lots of schools that are teaching this subject. You can search in internet and see that is a true.
The truth is the truth, time and a development of human will prove about what we told.
“The metaphysical world, a life after death, a soul world or spirit world is a world of imaginative understanding”