Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Everything happens in an enviroment is a cause and effect.

In society, people made laws and constitutions to protect human rights or to keep order and priciple in daily life.

But in nature, there are natural laws to protect all beings included human, animal, plants and others. That is a cause and effect law. Everything happens in the nature have their consequences. This law is justice and keep the nature balance. If the nature is unbalance, there would be catastrophes, sickness, diceases, accidents, earthquake, storm, hurrican, volcano, tornado, flood, fire,...

All beings are created equally. No any being above other, no any being has right to kill, destroy or harm others. If that happened, those beings will get their consequencies.

People think they have right to sell, kill, hunt, fishing, eat or cruelty treat other beings. That is wrong. The natural law will punish them back, people will get consequencies from their actions such as natural catastrophes.

Each evil being's action, thought and speech has its consequences. Those evil actions, speeches or thoughts will produce an evil magnetic field in the nature. Those fields are accumulated and become bigger and bigger everyday and cause pressure and temperture changes which lead to natural catastrophes such as sickness, diceases, fire, earthquake, terrorists, war, storm, hurrican, volcano, flood, tornado, accidents,… around the world everyday.. On the contrary, when people do something good, there are good magnetic fields produced in the nature that bring happiness to our daily life.

Everyday, millions of animals such as porks, chickens, fish, crabs, shrims, cows, kangaroos,... are cruelty killed to sell for people to eat. That kind of evil human actions will get their consequences.

In order to stop future natural catastrophes, we need to consider our actions to equally treat other beings. All beings are created equally, no one above other beings. People need to make laws and constitutions to protect all beings, not only human but also all other beings in this world. All beings have life, they have right to live. They have the right to love and be loved. If people still have loving kindness and want a peaceful life, they need to love and protect other beings.

Scientist always try to solve the consequences of natural catastrophes, but why they do not ask themselves what cause those phenomena happened. If we know the cause of those catastrophes, we need to change them rightaway by treating equally to all beings in the nature.