Thursday, 17 June 2010


Do you believe that there is no GHOST?
I know that is a big question, but I am sure to confirm that:

If someone believes that there is a ghost, that one will see it.
If someone still suspects that there might be a ghost or not, that one will see it.
If someone does not believe that there is not a ghost, that person has will never seen a ghost.

Because when you believe or suspect, you already have programmed into your brain there is a ghost. Then the brain will create a ghost’s image, sound, smell, taste and you will see it by your real eyes, listen ghost’s voice by your real ears, smell ghost’scent by your nose, … The human brain can easily trick ourself, and nobody knows about it. All people in this world, even scientist have been tricked and cheated by their brain.

Because of not believing and scaring about the existing of ghost, I have never seen any ghost. So my brain could not create any ghost in front of my eyes.
Briefly speaking, there is not any ghost or any existing invisible world. Human brain is a complex and smart system which can trick and cheat people, therefore, science have proved any thing about ghost and invisible world.