Tuesday, 15 June 2010


This is a part of Mulapariyaya Sutta - The Root Sequence

"The Blessed One said: "There is the case, monks, where an uninstructed run-of-the-mill person -- who has no regard for noble ones, is not well-versed or disciplined in their Dhamma; who has no regard for men of integrity, is not well-versed or disciplined in their Dhamma -- perceives earth as earth. Perceiving earth as earth, he conceives [things] about earth, he conceives [things] in earth, he conceives [things] coming out of earth, he conceives earth as 'mine,' he delights in earth. Why is that? Because he has not comprehended it, I tell you.

"He perceives water as water...fire as fire...wind as wind[1]...beings as beings...gods as gods...Pajapati as Pajapati...Brahma as Brahma...the luminous gods as luminous gods...the gods of refulgent glory as gods of refulgent glory...the gods of abundant fruit as the gods of abundant fruit...the Great Being as the Great Being[2]...the sphere of the infinitude of space as the sphere of the infinitude of space...the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness as the sphere of the infinitude of consciousness...the sphere of nothingness as the sphere of nothingness...the sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception as the sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception[3]...the seen as the seen...the heard as the heard...the sensed as the sensed...the cognized as the cognized[4]...singleness as singleness...multiplicity as multiplicity[5]...the All as the All[6]...

"He perceives Unbinding as Unbinding.[7] Perceiving Unbinding as Unbinding, he conceives things about Unbinding, he conceives things in Unbinding, he conceives things coming out of Unbinding, he conceives Unbinding as 'mine,' he delights in Unbinding. Why is that? Because he has not comprehended it, I tell you. "

If someone had read an Original Buddhist teaching, one would see Buddha already said about the aggregate of imagination. "There is nothing, all phenomena are imaginative understanding. Who imagines that there are ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death, there would be ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death..." That means the human imaginative consciousness can create or make all images, sounds, smells, tastes, knowledge, etc, and everything from people’s desire, like, want, expect,belief, scare and imagine about. So human have been lied or tricked by each one’s imaginative consciousness. The human imaginative consciousness is a smart thing and it knows clearly about each one's desire and relations. You can call that imaginative consciousness is a "trick consciousness"

According to Buddhist teaching, a human is a combination of five aggregates: Material form (body), Feeling, Imagination (perception), Act and consciousness.

The aggregate of imagination (perception) is not an imagination. It is not a material. How does it work?

We can recognize it by three types: unwholesome thought, wholesome thought and no thought. Some consider that no-thought is Buddha nature. But the aggregate of imagination is one of five aggregates, when someone died, all aggregates died too. Nothing is left neither soul nor Buddha nature.

Buddha always reminded us: “Nothing is mine, nothing is me, nothing is my self.”
“Nothing is mine, nothing is me” is easy understand. The mind, the body is not mine, is not me. What about “Nothing is my self”? Buddha wanted to point out no Buddha-nature, no spirit nor soul”

The aggregate of consciousness has three consciousnesses. The normal consciousness as we live with it everyday. The second is imaginative consciousness when the aggregate of imagination is woken up. The third one is a mindfull consciousness which will appear when someone eliminated all desires and got enlightenment.

All paranormal, supernatural, psychical phenomena have been created by the aggregate of imagination (perception) which can do everything look like real, even the camera, recorder can catch it. Therefore sciencetists have thought that there is a life after death or metaphysical world. It kknows what people have believed, scared and wanted, so it has done everything. That is beyond the knowledge of human.

The powers of the aggregate of the imagination (perception) are unlimited, miracle, magical and powerful. That is a human's abilities which sciencetists have not discovered. Time will prove everything.

Everyone has this ability to wake up the imaginative consciousness. Therefore, there are a lots of schools that are teaching this subject. You can search in internet and see that is a true.