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BUDDHIST METHOD – Auto-Self Suggestion

We know Buddha taught us all things in order to get enlightenment as him such as The Eightfold Path; The Four Noble Truths; Four Brahma-viharas (Highest Attitudes/Emotions); Four Foundations of Mindfulness; Seven Factors of Enlightenment, etc.

We read, understand, practice and not yet get enlightenment as him. Why? The answer is our fault. We missed an important part which is the method of practicing. We have not understood all the meaning of Buddhist teaching. We missed it and we lost. When we lost we created our method for practicing. In the result, there are so many Buddhist sects and books about Buddhism around the world. Each created their own method to practice Buddhism.

All translation from Sutta Pali to English, authors described that method is "Appropriate attention”or “wise attention” or “wise reflection”. All of those translations come from a Sanskrit words “Yoniso ca manasikāram”

What do you think what is the “Appropriate attention”or “Wise attention” or “wise reflection” method? I thought Buddha has wisdom, so he must teach his disciples concrete method to eliminate all fermentation. He could not teach us generally. If we understood general meaning, each of us would choose an appropriate method, then there would be millions methods to get enlightenment.

In Vietnamese translation it was translated to Auto-suggestion method. With this method my master used to eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds easily for a short time to get enlightment. Now all of us use this method not only eliminate all desires, but also use it to expel all decease and sickness such as cancer, etc. Buddhism is very miracle, with this method no one need to go to doctor or take medication when one got sick. Therefore, Buddhism can controll Life, Sickness, Age and Death.

By the Auto-sugggestion method we always remind the mind every time it clings to something bad, do, speak or think about unwholesome deeds. Using this method one can feel all evil thoughts gradually disappear and be silence naturally. Without using this method one could not eliminate desire, greed, anger and delusion. This method is very important and indispensable.

We use this method to remind the mind. It looks like we reflect wisely:
If the mind is thinking badly we will remind the mind an opposite way of the mind is thinking:
For example: If the mind is thinking about stealing something. We remind the mind that: “Stealing is bad, this evil mind must go away”
When one get angry, just remind: “Anger is bad, bad mind go away.”

If we want to develop wholesome deed. We will use this method to remind the mind.
For example: If we want to develop a loving kindness. We remind the mind “Should love all sentient beings, should not eat any meat, only eat vegetarian. Because all beings have life like us, they also want to live and be afraid of death. We also are afraid of death, so why we support our life by others beings life”

Buddha always emphasizes repeatedly to use the Auto self suggestion method to eliminate evil minds and develop good mind: “With using the Auto-self suggestion, unarisen fermentations do not arise, and arisen fermentations are abandoned. Without using the Auto-self suggestion, unarisen fermentations arise, and arisen fermentations increase”

Nowaday, Science knows how to use this method in medicine to help patients to recover a function of body.You can find this method everywhere in our life. With this method we remind the mind to remember our goal, our plan, etc. Therefore you will easily experimence this method for a short time. You will see all things that Buddha taught us are easy, simple and real which are closely familiar to all of us.

Unfortunately, my master’s books has not translated into English. If you could read them, you would see how the miracle of Buddhism, and what are wrong and right in Buddhism nowaday?, What are the right understanding and superstition? Is there a metaphysical world? Is there life after death? Explanation about paranormal phenomena. And so on.

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