Friday, 11 June 2010


Consists of 8 classes:

1. Right Understanding
2. Right Thought
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

Every class has its lessons. I remembered that when I studied first Right View class, there were 14 lessons, but that was a short course 3 months with a minimum basic.

All Buddhist knows about the Eightfold Path under their definition. But no one thinks about that Buddha wanted to point out those paths which are 8 classes to study to achieve Enlightenment.

All Buddhist teachings are lessons which support for these eight classes.

Buddhism is an educational subject, not a religion. Buddha is our first master to create Buddhism. Buddha taught us about the cause and effect law. Each one must bears the full responsibility for one's act. Doing wholesome deeds to get good result, doing unwholesome deeds get bad result such as sickness, accident, deceases, etc. Buddha said: “Where is wisdom, there will be precept; where is precept, there will be wisdom” So Buddhist wisdom does not come from sitting meditation or chanting, it comes from precept, from righteousness and good character, or from human morality - Leading the life without suffering oneself nor other nor sentient beings.

People like to jump to mindfulness to sit meditation in order to get concentration without other first important classes. Those classes are very important and are the basic to build righteousness and good character. Without Precepts one has never gotten enlightenment.

Some consider that when one has wisdom, that one can live righteousness and has good character. People always show that they are smarter than Buddha and do an opposite way of what Buddha taught.

They even said that the Buddha‘s precepts can change because of obsolete in the modern life.
They added in Buddha teachings this paragraph: On his deathbed, Buddha told Ananda, "After my Nirvana, if the sangha asks for the nullification of some articles of the petty vinaya, the Tathagata gives you permission to nullify them serially."
Buddha’s precepts are morality to make people more fully trained with righteousness and good character. The Precepts are not the laws to ban or prohibit. Because of misunderstanding therefore everywhere in each Buddhist sect or Buddhist school in every country has created their new precepts and nullified Buddhist precepts. In the result, nobody get enlightenment since Buddha had died, only get some wisdom or knowledge of the imaginative consciousness.

Eight classes help us to eliminate all desires and unwholesome deeds, then we can live without bringing suffering to oneself, nor others and nor all sentient beings.
Then the mind gradually naturally become unmoveble, peaceful, joyful and not attached without any force.

Eightfold path is eight classes are the orbit starting from Precept to Concentration and Wisdom. Concentration and Wisdom come from Precept. Without precept the real Buddhist concentration and wisdom never got. So the Eightfold path is very important for studying Buddhism.